The growth of the digital economy and the pace at which new technologies are emerging mean that IT and computing graduates are more valuable to employers than ever before. There is a skills shortage across the IT sector, particularly in a number of key roles.

We help you figure out what interests you the most then work on finding the perfect business for you to commence you career.

Some examples of specialist areas in the IT sector are:

  • applications development
  • computer forensics
  • software engineering (designing, building, developing, testing)
  • content management
  • cyber security and risk management
  • data analysis and analytics
  • geographical information systems (GIS)
  • hardware engineering
  • information management
  • IT consultancy (business and technical)
  • multimedia programming
  • systems/network management
  • technical support
  • telecommunications
  • web design/development.

As technology evolves so does the demand for talent within specialist disciplines. We believe in supporting business's growth through the delivery of graduates who have a deep passion and a strong foundation. The shortage of talent within areas such as Robotics and AI has lead us on a mission to support business's and build the work force from within.